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Conditions of Hire

(Effective 1 June 2014)

  1. General. Kingston United Reformed Church (‘the Church’), via the Richard Mayo Centre, offers rooms and supporting facilities for hire upon condition of compliance with the conditions detailed below. The Church reserves the right to refuse a request for a booking without explanation.
  2. Deposits. Payment in advance may be requested upon a first-time booking. Payment in advance may also be required for bookings made less than 5 days before the time booked.
  3. Terms of Payment.  The fee less any deposit must be paid in full thirty days before the day for which the booking was made. Payment by cash, cheque and bank transfer is acceptable.
  4. Cancellation charges. If a booking is cancelled less than one month but more than one week before the time booked, 50% of the total fee will be due and payable. If cancelled less than one week in advance, the full fee must be paid. In extraordinary circumstances, such as extreme weather, the Church may consider mitigating the short-notice cancellation charge.
  5. Vacating/Cleaning. The premises must be vacated by the time shown on the booking form, and left in a clean & tidy state. Furniture etc. must be returned to the correct storage position. Failure to do so and/or to leave the room(s) in a clean state may result in an extra cleaning/clearing fee being charged. An excess charge will also be made for rubbish left in excess of 50 litres (1 bin full).
  6. Use of furniture with room hire The Church will provide tables and chairs with room hire.
  7. Use of kitchen. The kitchen is available for hire with room use on a light, medium or heavy basis which should be declared at the time of booking. Use of the kitchen will usually be shared with Church personnel and other organisations on occasion.
  8. Use of stage and associated equipment. The stage and amplification equipment are available for hire but only if operated by Church staff.
  9. Health & Safety. The Church complies with all relevant regulations arising from the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Hirers are required to respect and comply with these regulations.
  10. Smoking. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.
  11. Alcoholic beverages. Prior notification must be given at the time of booking if it is proposed to bring any alcoholic beverages onto the premises.  In addition, if it is proposed to supply alcohol for sale, a Temporary Event Notice must be obtained from the Borough of Kingston.
  12. Use of rooms for public performances. The Church will require the hirer to provide stewards in the foyer whilst the public are on the premises. The total number of stewards will be determined by the hirer.
  13. Church nominees. The Church may nominate its own stewards to be present at any time during such period of hire.
  14. Acoustic Interference. The Church will try not to have bookings that are acoustically incompatible. It should be understood that noise from another booking may be audible in the room(s) booked.
  15. Numbers attending. The hirer must keep records of numbers attending for safety reasons.
  16. Loss and/or damage. The Church will not be liable for any loss or damage to the hirer or agents whilst using the premises. Nor will it be liable for any loss by the hirer as a result of any event which renders the room(s) unfit for use, or the premise to be closed, or the booking to be interrupted or cancelled.
  17. Goods left on the premises. Items that are left on the premises with or without permission are the responsibility of the hirer.
  18. Conduct of persons using hired rooms. The hirer shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons brought onto the premises. Such persons shall follow the Church’s policies and shall be liable for any loss or damage to property or equipment caused by them. All premises users shall abide by the Child Protection Guidelines of the United Reformed Church, a copy of which is held in the Church office. The hiring body is required to ensure that children and adults are protected at all times by taking all reasonable steps and by having any necessary insurance in place.  The hiring body should abide by their own safeguarding policy if they have one, or by that of the church.
  19. Insurance. The Church’s insurance does not cover any function not organised by the Church. The hirer must take out insurance with a reputable company against injury, loss or damage caused to or by the hirer or its agents, pupils, members or friends and members of the public whilst attending the hirer’s function. The hirer shall indemnify the Church against any claims in this respect.
  20. Items of display. The hirer shall not permit the display of any flag, emblem or other such advertisement whether inside or outside the premises if in the opinion of the Premises Manager or duty steward it is unsuitable, a fire risk, a safety hazard, or may lead to a breach of the peace.
  1. Attachment of items to the Church. The hirer shall not fix anything to the Church whether inside or outside without the prior agreement of the Premises Manager or duty steward.
  2. Licences and Copyrights. The hirer is responsible for obtaining permission for the use of copyright materials and for all applicable fees. The hirer must apply for public performance licences for live or recorded music or other productions.  Details and forms will be provided on request. The appropriate government and local council regulations must be complied with.
  3. Access to premises. The hirer shall not enter the premises outside the period booked, or enter rooms that have not been booked, without the prior agreement of the Premises Manager or duty steward.
  4. Games of chance may not be held on the premises. Tombola and raffles are permitted only with the prior agreement of the Premises Manager.
  5. Subletting. The hirer shall not sublet any part of the room(s) or halls without the prior agreement of the Premises Manager.
  6. Emergency evacuation. The hirer must comply with fire and emergency evacuation notices which are displayed at prominent positions throughout the building.